January 31, 2015

Name: Scruffy
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Breed: Yorkie/Pomeraniean
Home: Suburban House

Scruffy is a one of a kind dog. Me and my family have had him since he was a puppy, and even at 13, he still acts like he's young! He is the baby of the house, and he has a lot of personality. He 'talks' to us to tell us when he is hungry, when he wants to go to bed, when he wants to go for a walk, and when he has to even go out! We will ask him "Do you want (fill in the blank)" and he either walks away or wags his tail and puts his ears up!

Scruffy really brings our family together to take walks or to take naps lol. He loves to chase 'bunnies', or sleep in his 'hole' (under our beds!)

We also call Scruffy 'Wootie', and I have no idea how this name came about, but we call him it often and he responds to it as well!

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