July 31, 2014

Name: Ginger
Age: 1 ish
Gender: Female
Breed: Pit mix?
Home: Wilmington NC

Ginger was picked up as a stray and came our way via the local animal hospital when she looked to be 6-8 months old. Very skittish at first, after some leash training she's come around to be a great dog. She leaps our 4 foot fence to run through the woods when she doesn't get enough exercise. She comes back in 10 minutes exhausted, leaps the fence back into the yard to come home! She's the first one to curl up on the couch and gentle as can be when hand fed, even when one of her many animal friends are near. She has 3 sisters, a black lab, chihuahua, and a shitzu-poodle. I will share them soon!

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