March 4, 2015

Name: Lola
Age: 1 year
Gender: Female
Breed: Pomeranian/Chihauha
Home: Spokane, WA

Lola was born on August 12, 2008. She was part of the first batch of puppies her mom had. Her mom is my mom's dog and her dad is my sister's dog. The batch only had two puppies, a male and a female (Lola). I was more partial to the male and was sad to see him go. We couldn't find anyone to take Lola so I would bring her to work and show her around and take her places to try to get someone to buy her. Then finally someone was ready to buy her and I couldn't get rid of her. I got so attached and my mom said "you can have her if you want." The rest is history. She is my baby. When we had to put my other dog to sleep she is the one thing that helped me get through that hard time. I couldn't imagine life without little Lola.

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